3 Signs You Have Gingivitis

Next, to the common cavity, gingivitis is one of the most prevalent oral conditions that Dr. Janice Scott treats patients for. As the earliest stage of gum disease, gingivitis is easy to spot and treat— especially when it’s caught so early on. To help you prevent against this issue from getting worse, this article will discuss three signs that you have gingivitis. Read on to learn more.

Sign #1: Swollen Gums

Having swollen gums can be the culprit of an accident, injury, or something as simple as having some food trapped between your teeth. However, if your swelling persists or gets worse over the span of just a few weeks, then this may be a sign that you have gingivitis. By getting excess plaque and tartar removed from your teeth, the swelling should go down over just a day or two.

Sign #2: Bleeding Gums

If you get punched in the mouth, your gums are going to bleed, but if you are just brushing your teeth and they start to bleed, this is a huge indicator that you have gingivitis. Because your gums are already so irritated, gingivitis can cause even the smallest things like biting into an apple to cause your gums to bleed.

Sign #3: Tender Gums

Have you noticed that your gums are a bit more tender than usual? Do they hurt to the touch? In addition to the symptoms listed above, tender gums are also indicative of gingivitis. Because gingivitis is an infection, it can make your gums extremely sensitive.

As long as it is taken care of early on, gingivitis is an oral condition that is easily treated with the help of Dr. Janice Scott. With an extensive cleaning, Dr. Scott should be able to get rid of excess plaque and tartar and stop your gingivitis from getting worse. If you would like to learn more about gingivitis or gingivitis treatment, contact Dr. Janice Scott today to schedule an appointment.

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