3 Signs Your Child Needs to See the Dentist

When you have really young children who have their first budding teeth, it can be hard to decipher them just being tired from actual dental pain that they may be experiencing. And as your children get even a little bit older and can speak, sometimes they themselves can’t communicate to you exactly how they are feeling and why. Here are three signs that your child is suffering from dental pain and that they need to see the dentist as soon as possible.

No Appetite

A sure way to know if your child is really suffering from severe dental pain is if they suddenly have a loss of appetite. Most children have a routine eating schedule that they consistently stick to, but if you notice that your little one isn’t wanting to eat anything at all, then it could be due to dental pain. Before taking your child to the dentist immediately, ask your child if you can look in their mouth. Try pressing on certain parts of their gums and teeth and see if that causes them any pain or have them point out any painful areas to you.

Facial Swelling

Facial swelling especially around the jawline is another large indication that your child is suffering from some sort of dental infection and needs to seek a dentist immediately. To help calm the swelling and reduce the pain until you see the dentist, apply gentle cold compresses directly to your child’s face and ask your dentist about giving your child Children’s Tylenol as well.

Running a Fever

Another sure sign that your child is suffering from some dental issues is if they are running a fever. Fevers are indicative of the fact that your child’s body is working hard to fight off an infection. Coupled with a loss of appetite and facial swelling, a fever is something that you should call your pediatrician or dentist about.

If your child is suffering from any or all of the above symptoms, then they more than likely have some sort of oral infection and need to see a dentist immediately. To learn more about Children’s Dentistry and problematic signs to look out for, contact our office today!

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