3 Summer Foods to Snack On For a Healthier Smile

It seems like decades ago that you were sitting inside huddled up, waiting for warm weather. And now that summer is in full swing; you’re hopefully spending as much time outside barbecuing and lounging by the pool with friends and family as possible. One of the best parts about the warm weather is the cool treats and fresh produce to snack on. To help you choose some foods that are good for your body and your oral health, we have created a list of three foods to snack on for a healthier smile. Read on to learn more.

Foods for Healthy Teeth and Gums


You may think that biting into a bright red fruit like a strawberry will only stain them, but they’re one of the best fruits for your teeth. Every time you bite directly into a strawberry, the abrasive seeds work to scrub your teeth while leaving them whiter, cleaner and refreshed.


Watermelon isn’t just a low-calorie fruit that everyone likes to eat— it’s also good for your teeth. By containing— no surprise— high contents of water, watermelon is great for speeding up your mouth’s natural production of saliva which works to get rid of germs, bacteria, and even stains.


Whether you like to grill it or eat it in a sushi form, fish like salmon contains a high amount of Vitamin D which is good at helping your body naturally absorb Calcium— leaving your teeth stronger and healthier in the process.

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The list of fruits and veggies that are good for your teeth goes on and on. However, by eating a diet rich in strawberries, watermelon, and fish this summer, you can help protect your teeth against harmful bacteria. To learn more about how you can take better care of your smile, call Dr. Janice Scott today at (209) 478-3036!





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