3 Things to Avoid When Whitening Your Teeth

Whether you are getting your teeth professionally whitened by Dr. Janice Scott or you are whitening them with an at-home whitening solution, it’s important to understand that whitening your teeth is a process. Although it would be wonderful to simply wave your wand and all of a sudden have instantly whiter teeth, the process can sometimes take weeks. When you are in the process of whitening your teeth, try to get the best out of your whitening solution by avoiding the following three things.

  1. Red Wine If you are like most people then you may enjoy having an occasional glass of red wine with dinner or dessert. And although red wine comes with many health benefits— such as antioxidants— it also can cause your teeth to become stained or tinted. Rather than reaching for that glass of red wine, consider going for either a glass of white wine or a non-alcoholic drink altogether.
  2. Coffee Another thing to consider avoiding when you are in the process of whitening your teeth is coffee. Although coffee is filled with a large amount of caffeine that will help you get through your morning or day, it can also yellow your teeth in a matter of minutes— especially if you drink your coffee black. If you have to drink at least one cup of coffee a day in order to get through the day, make sure that you are drinking a little bit of water after every sip— this will help to break down the acidity in the coffee.
  3. Tomatoes Tomatoes are a great addition to virtually any kind of meal: Italian, Mexican, or American. However, did you know that tomatoes can actually stain your teeth as well? High in acidity, the juice in your tomatoes can cling to your pearly whites and cause them to look a little more dingy and less white than you want. Rather than ordering a salad with tomatoes or indulging in spaghetti with marinara sauce, consider looking for an alternative instead.

If you are in the process of whitening your teeth, then it’s important that you put in some additional work in order to keep them as white as possible. By avoiding the above three things, you can help to ensure that your teeth get the whitening love that they deserve. To learn more, contact Dr. Janice Scott’s office today!

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