5 Tips for Every Sugar Addict to Use This Halloween

With the leaves changing and pumpkins gracing virtually every doorstep, Halloween is fun for just about everyone involved— except your teeth. With sticky candies such as taffy and caramel feeling trick-or-treat bags, it can be hard to avoid getting a cavity this time of year. Whether you have a sugar addiction or if you’re trying to protect your little one’s mouths, we have a few tips for you to use.

Lock It Up

“Out of sight, out of mind,” right? Rather than keeping candy out all month long, keep it hidden in your pantry or a cupboard. The less you see it, the less likely you are to crave it.

Brush Afterward

If you or your little ones are going to indulge in a little candy, make sure you brush right after. The longer the sugar has to sit on your teeth, the more likely it is to cause cavities or tooth decay.

Avoid the Sticky Stuff

Sticky candies such as Tootsie Rolls, taffy, and caramel apples may be your favorite treat, but they are terrible for your teeth. Not only are they notorious for pulling out dental fillings but they also adhere to your teeth for longer which makes you more susceptible to getting a cavity.

Try Healthy Snacks

While it’s okay to have a piece or two of candy every day, try filling up on healthy snacks instead. Snacks like string cheese and carrot sticks are great for your blood sugar, heart, and teeth. Plus, they are easy to eat while you’re on the go!

Curb Cravings

With sugar lurking behind every corner this month, it can be hard to curb your cravings for candy and other sweet treats. If you want to have something a little sweet without the extra calories or cavities, try chewing on some sugar-free bubble gum.

Get ahold of your sugar intake this Halloween by using the tips listed above. Schedule your next dental cleaning with Dr. Janice Scott today.

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