Back to Basics: Understanding Cavities

You’ve heard of them more than once, and you’ve likely feared them ever since you can remember, but do you know what cavities are? To help you gain a better understanding of cavities, we have created a brief guide. From learning about what they are to how something as simple as brushing can prevent them, this article will give you the basic ins and outs of cavities. Read on to learn more.

What Are Cavities?

In the most basic terms, a cavity or a dental carry is a hole in a part of your tooth. Typically treated with a simple filling, a dental cavity is one fo the most basic dental problems that our patients run into. If your cavity is more advanced or if the hole is extremely large, then you and Dr. Janice Scott can discuss other treatment options like an inlay, only, or dental crown.

How Do They Start?

Plaque is a sticky substance that is composed of a combination of saliva, food particles, and bacteria. If plaque is left too long on your teeth, it can start to erode away at your enamel and cause a hole in your tooth— leaving you with a cavity.

How does Brushing Help?

Although harmful and somewhat aggressive, the plaque is easily managed by simply brushing your teeth morning, night, and after some meals. By physically scraping the plaque off your teeth with a toothbrush and then building up your enamel with a fluoride toothpaste— toothbrushing is your mouth’s natural defense against cavities.

Even though you’ve heard about them for your entire life, you may not know what a cavity is— other than to fear it. Luckily, by understanding what they are, how they start, and how brushing can help, you can get a healthier smile. To learn more about cavities or other dental questions, contact Dr. Janice Scott today to schedule an appointment!

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