Brushing Your Teeth the Right Way: How to Pick the Right Toothbrush for Your Teeth

There is a right way and a wrong way to do just about anything, especially when it pertains to your oral health. As one of the most important ways to ensure that you’re brushing your teeth the right way, make sure that you have a toothbrush that is suitable to your mouth and oral hygiene routine.

Regular Toothbrushes Good, old fashioned regular toothbrushes are a cheap and effective way of getting your teeth properly cleaned everyday. By brushing at least both morning and night for two minutes at a time, you can help to drastically cut down on things like plaque and cavities. However, with extra soft, soft, and medium bristled toothbrushes available on the market, how can you know which one is right for you?

  • Extra Soft Toothbrushes If you have noticed that your gum tends to bleed a lot after you brush your teeth or if your gums are starting to recede, you might be brushing with a toothbrush that is too hard on your teeth. Instead, switch to an extra soft toothbrush.
  • Soft Toothbrushes Soft toothbrushes are the type of toothbrush that most people should be using. By having bristles that are soft enough that they won’t damage your gums, yet hard enough to rid your teeth of plaque and tartar, soft toothbrushes are great for just about everyone.
  • Medium Toothbrushes Medium toothbrushes are meant for people who don’t suffer from any gum issues and who enjoy a firmer feeling toothbrush.

Electric Toothbrushes If you have the money, invest in a high quality electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are great at giving your mouth a 360 degree cleaning that you sometimes can’t get with a regular toothbrush. Just make sure that you are switching out your bristles as recommended.

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