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Children’s dentistry is one of the services that Deer Park Dental provides to patients in Stockton. We believe that dental health must be monitored by the time a child reaches his or her first birthday until adulthood. We deliver our services for our little patients with utmost skill and confidence using our state-of-the-art facility.

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What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry, previously known as Pedodontics, is a branch of dentistry that mainly focuses on the dental health of children from their birth to adolescence. Dr. Janice Scott see’s children in her family general dentistry practice.  Our goal is to have your child have a happy and non-traumatic visit. We will work with the parents on diet, oral hygiene care and prevention.

Nitrous Oxide sedation is available for those children that might be a little apprehensive. Children with larger restorative needs are often treated with general sedation at the oral surgery office next door to our office to allow for a happy experience.

Your child may also be referred to a pediatric dentist, a field that requires specialization, as recognized by the American Dental Association, which means that dentists have to be adequately trained for two to three years after the completion of a degree in general dentistry to be able to practice pediatric dentistry.

Some pediatric dentists also choose to focus on oral care for children who have special needs, such as those with mental retardation, autism, or cerebral palsy. Most important is that your child find a dental home that meets his or her needs. We at Deer Park Dental strive to promote a positive experience for children in Stockton.

What is the job of a children’s dentist?

Our general dentists at Deer Park Dental have multiple important functions that pertain to your child’s overall dental health and oral hygiene. We take proper care of deciduous or baby teeth, which is essential in promoting proper speech, good chewing habits, and preserve space for permanent teeth later on.

Oral health promotion and disease prevention for children

One of the important roles of a pediatric dentist is to educate patients, parents and children alike, on the importance of maintaining strong and healthy teeth. Our Stockton general dentist makes this possible through the use of models, easy-to-understand terminologies, and the latest computer technology. We also advise parents on how to prevent disease and trauma, as well as on how to practice good eating habits and proper oral hygiene at home.

What other types of dental issues may affect your child?

Here at Deer Park Dental, we monitor and track the growth and development of your child’s teeth and overall oral health and address dental problems before they get worse  We will make referrals for orthodontics when it is the right time for your child and will evaluate the growth of their 3rd molars (wisdom teeth) so that we can avoid complications at a later date. Preventive measures, such as the application of topical fluoride or dental sealants, are also recommended.

In cases of oral injury, bruxism or teeth grinding, and malocclusion or a bad bite, dental appliances such as space maintainers or a night-guard or perhaps reconstructive surgery may be recommended.

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“I come from Elk Grove to see Dr. Janice and she is extremely good with children.”

– Kaitlynn Smales

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