Crowns – Are They Effective?

Poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay and the weakening of your teeth. Pain, difficulty chewing, and eventual tooth loss can be your future.

Why crowns are most effective

There are a number of treatments available for decaying teeth, but having a crown put onto your damaged teeth is the most effective. Crowns are caps that are fitted over the decaying teeth to halt any further damage by bacteria. Crowns can restore the shape and surface of the decaying tooth, as well.

At Deer Park Dental, our dentists are experts in placing crowns. Whether you have a fractured or decaying tooth, we can provide a crown that will protect it and make it easier for you to chew. The crown placement involves two steps. First, a temporary crown is placed on your tooth while your actual crown is being fabricated. Once completed, your permanent crown is affixed to your tooth.

What to expect after receiving your crown

After receiving your crown, you’ll want to lay low for a day or so, but then can resume your normal activities. The dentist may advise you refrain from doing any strenuous activity for about a week. With proper care, your crown can last the remainder of your life.

Teeth that have decayed make it difficult for you to eat properly and continued decay will result in tooth loss. To restore your damaged teeth, a crown could be the best solution. Call us at Deer Park Dental and let’s discuss your options.

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