How can I be sure I’ll be completely numb before the procedure begins?

At Deer Park Dental in Stockton CA we want you to have a great experience when in our care. This includes being comfortable and pain-free during your dental procedure. Your dentist will listen to your concerns and past experiences and will work to make the anesthesia process as pain-free as possible. Our dentists stay up-to-date with the latest techniques in dental anesthesia to assure that your numbing is thorough and comfortable. The anesthetic is given slowly and carefully so that it will numb the surrounding areas ensuring that you feel as little as possible. Some patients require additional anesthetic to get completely numb, while others will need a longer amount of time for the anesthetic to absorb. Each patient’s body takes the anesthesia in a different way, so we treat every case individually.

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What if anesthesia usually wears off quickly with me?

Some patients with a high level of anxiety will burn off anesthetic very quickly. If you are one of those patients we will work to make sure that we attend to your procedure as efficiently as possible so that you do not have to experience re-numbing.

I hate being there long is there anything that I can do to make the anesthesia go away more quickly?

If you’re having a very short procedure there are anesthetics without epinephrine that wear off more quickly. We will discuss these options with you and adjust the type or amount of anesthetic based on the procedure you are having done.

What if I start to feel the dentist working in the middle of the procedure?

If you start to feel anything just let your dentist know. We will stop any work and get your anesthesia back to where it should be. Sometimes in a longer procedure the anesthesia will begin to wear off before the end of the procedure. It is very easy to get you totally comfortable again with minimal discomfort.

I am a gagger, and I hate impressions. What can I do?

No one likes impressions, but if you have special gag issues, we have a variety of options. We can try an anesthetic spray on the roof of your mouth, so you don’t feel the impression tray. In these cases, we also make sure there is no impression material in the roof of the mouth area of the tray. This helps stop the gag reflex. We also make sure the tray is not overfilled, which can also make a person gag. Finally, if you are having a small procedure that doesn’t require a full-mouth impression, we use smaller trays only on the areas needed. Just make us aware of your concerns with gagging and we’ll do everything we can to mitigate them.

My yellow, stained teeth embarrass me, so I don’t smile. What can I do?

If your teeth are yellow or stained from age or things like coffee, they can be whitened with carbamide peroxide that dissolves the stains on the surface of the teeth.

Sometimes teeth are yellow because old composite fillings have turned darker. This is because tooth-colored fillings formerly had a chemical in them that turned dark over time. Newer tooth-colored resin fillings are color stable and will stay looking great for much longer.

Finally, crowns sometimes were matched to darker-colored teeth. Through our smile design analysis, Doctors VonTersch and Scott can evaluate your teeth for bleaching, and replacement of crowns and older veneers. Sometimes, simple bonding can renew darkened teeth. A tooth can also be internally bleached to help lighten its color.

What if I have missing teeth?

Missing teeth need to be replaced in some fashion to keep adjacent teeth from moving into the open spaces. We can start with an inexpensive temporary plate, called a stayplate or flipper, which is similar to an orthodontic retainer and has teeth in the missing areas. It often has a clasp to keep it in place. After needed restorations are complete, cavities have been filled, and your gums have returned to good health, we can discuss your permanent options to replace those missing teeth. These may include fixed bridges, dental implants, or removable partial dentures. We will explain each option, its pros and cons, and the costs together so we can determine what is best for your situation.

Needles and injections scare me. What can I do?

At Deer Park Dental, we first apply a topical gel anesthetic to the surface of the gum tissue. This significantly lessens the feeling of the injections. Your providers at Deer Park Dental will also give the anesthetic slowly so that the discomfort is minimal. Some patients require nitrous oxide sedation or other pre-sedation prior to dental treatment, which can reduce anxiety over the procedure.

I hate the sound of the drill, what can I do?

In these cases, we have the option of using an electric hand-piece that is much quieter when drilling. Some patients also listen to an iPod or other music device. Be sure to discuss your fears with us and we will find a solution that addresses them.

I have fear of the dentist and doctor what can I do?

Again, we have options of pre-sedation before the dental visit or we also have the option of nitrous oxide sedation for patients with increased anxiety. Also, the time of the appointment can be very critical in creating less anxiety. Early morning appointments are often better for people with higher anxiety.

For children we often use a different colored coat so the patient does not feel anxiety from looking at the dentist’s “white coat.”

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