Emax Restorations: All You Need to Know

The field of restorative dentistry is continually on the hunt for new products that improve the functionality and appearance of tooth replacement products. Durable, versatile, and with a high aesthetic value, IPS e.max is a dental industry standard for ceramic tooth restoration. One of the advantages of e.max is that it’s been designed as a full system of products for tooth restoration, and it can be used to treat and solve a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry problems—from creating or restoring dental implants, to placing veneers.

Advantages of the Emax Restoration System

Using Emax for tooth restoration has advantages for both dentists and their patients.

  • Emax products are bio-compatible, and won’t harm teeth and gums.
  • The products are easy to use and apply, which often means that more work can be done in a single session, or that work can be carried out more quickly to make sessions shorter.
  • Emax products are free from metal, including mercury, so they’re ideal for people who have concerns about amalgam fillings.
  • Restorations made with Emax products are natural-looking and can be made to perfectly match the colour of your own teeth.
  • Emax products are made using a special heat-pressed process that is highly fracture-resistant, meaning less chance of chipping and breaking.
  • The versatility of Emax products makes them good for complicated dental restoration jobs where multiple types of restorative work are needed.

What Restorations are Emax used for?

Emax products can be used for virtually any type of restorative dentistry, including cosmetic restorations where the appearance of the final product is of paramount importance. The strength of e.max ceramics, combined with the ability to manufacture the products in natural-looking shades that match your own tooth color, makes them ideal for veneers, crowns, and bridges, as well as inlays and onlays for treating tooth decay.

In addition to new restorations, Emax products can also be used to replace existing restorations—such as amalgam fillings—once they are removed.

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