Family Dental Services in Stockton, CA

At Deer Park Dental, family dentistry is about more than just our dentists and hygienists attending to you and your family’s oral health needs. We treat our patients like family, giving each one the same care and consideration they would show their own loved ones.

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When you entrust us with caring for your family’s oral health, we’ll be thorough and thoughtful in our assessments and create customized treatment plans to help each of your family members obtain optimal oral health. We’ll talk to you about the benefits and costs associated with each treatment option available to you and your loved ones, and we’ll work with you to provide the treatments you choose as affordably as possible. We’ll also take time to show you and your family how to perform proper preventative maintenance at home, where good oral health starts. Oral health education is at the core of our practice, which is why we’re happy to explain family dentistry to you in more depth here, too.

General Dentistry for all ages

Many people associate family dentistry with pediatric dental care almost exclusively, but family dentists actually treat patients of all ages. The General and Cosmetic Dentists of Deer Park Dental in Stockton are well trained at treating children, adults and geriatric patients alike. In addition to regular cleanings, restorations, and preventative maintenance, we offer services like oral cancer screenings and dental implants to meet the needs of both our young and elderly clients.

Family Dentistry Defined

Family dentists care for patients of all ages, so that you have the convenience of getting quality oral health care for yourself, your spouse, your children, and even your aging parents from one trusted practice. The family dentists and hygienists in our Stockton, CA, dental office can care for your children’s oral health from the time they cut their first baby teeth until they graduate from college and beyond. If you or your parents reach a point where you need dentures as you age, we can help you with that, too. We even have a periodontist on staff who works to keep the foundations of our patients’ smiles healthy throughout their lives by monitoring their gums and promptly addressing any issues that arise.

Our family dentists, hygienists and periodontist are experienced at treating the oral health needs of people of diverse ages. We believe that you and your loved ones deserve the best, most thorough oral health care possible, and we’re here to provide it in a family-friendly environment.

Treatments Provided by Our General & Cosmetic Dentists

At Deer Park Dental, we offer a comprehensive menu of quality general dentistry services targeted to meet the needs of your whole family. These services include X-rays, composite fillings, crowns, restore implants with crowns or dentures, veneers, all porcelain crowns, partials and dentures, TMJ treatment, bite guards, bleaching, preventive oral health care education, gum disease diagnosis and treatment, routine cleanings, exams, crown lengthening, and much more. We have qualified dental professionals on staff to perform all of these treatments for our patients in Stockton and surrounding areas like Lodi, Manteca, Tracy and beyond. To learn more about the diverse services we offer at Deer Park Dental, visit our Dental Services page.

Baby’s 1st Dental Exam

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children first see their family dentist at the age of 1. Even if your baby only has a single tooth or two to examine at that time, it’s important to start caring for those little teeth early. It’s the best way to ensure that your child’s life begins with a strong oral health foundation and that they receive the care they need throughout their development. Having your baby’s teeth examined at regular intervals from an early age will ensure that they maintain healthy teeth and gums into adulthood.

Improving Your Child’s Oral Health

Parents have the greatest impact on their children’s oral health, which is why it’s critical for you to encourage your kids to have good oral health care routines at home. Things like brushing morning, night and after meals, flossing regularly, using fluoride-rich mouthwashes, and other preventative oral health maintenance are all important, but not always easy to get kids to do regularly. Make oral health fun for your kids at an early age, and the benefits will be rewarding for you both. You’ll save on oral care costs throughout your children’s lives, and they’ll have healthy, radiant smiles.

What can you do to make oral health more fun for your child? When establishing a new routine, rewards are a useful tool. Make a Smile Chart with the days of the week and times to brush, floss and rinse listed, and give your child a sticker every time they complete their routine properly. At the end of a week filled with stickers, give your child a prize for their diligence, like a special outing to their favorite park or a new toy. Whether the prize is tangible or just a special hour with mom or dad’s undivided attention, your child is sure to be motivated to practice good oral health to receive their reward. Once your child’s routine is established, you can begin to stretch the time between rewards, making your child work for two weeks to a month to reach the next goal, and so on until you reach a point where their positive behavior and routine are set and regular rewards are no longer necessary.

In addition to making home oral health fun, it’s important to attend to other areas that impact your child’s oral health, like diet and obtaining quality rest. Our bodies heal and, as children, grow most when we’re sleeping, which is why a solid sleep schedule is so important to a developing child overall, their teeth included. It’s also important for your child to eat a well-balanced diet rich with nutrients that affect oral development, like calcium.

During your child’s first dental visit at Deer Park Dental, we’ll talk to you further about the best ways to maintain their oral health. We’ll give you instructions and tools that will ensure your child practices the best preventative maintenance at home, too.

Helping Patients Who Are Afraid of the Dentist

It’s not at all uncommon for children and adults alike to fear dental procedures. We understand this fear and offer an extra gentle touch with every patient, every time they visit our office. We also do our best to accommodate our patients’ needs and give them whatever tools they need to be their most comfortable while in our care. Whether it’s a blanket to keep warm or music to help mellow out, we’ll always offer every option we can to ensure you have consistently positive visits to our office. We feel that’s the best way to gradually eliminate patients’ fears of dentists.

To illustrate how the positive atmosphere we provide at Deer Park Dental can help change a patient’s perception of family dentists, here’s a quote from one of our newest clients:

“My last family dentist eased my fears by offering me headphones and nitrous oxide during my visits. Until I met Doctors Scott and von Tersch, I thought those tools were the only ones that could get me through dental work. They encouraged me to let them work on my mouth without the crutch of nitrous oxide, but said it was always an option if I needed it. The two of them worked diligently on me during alternate visits, cleaning my teeth, filling cavities, and giving me 9 new crowns (8 in just 2 visits!) without any nitrous. They held my hand when I was scared, spoke to me gently, gave me extra anesthetic when I had breakthrough pain, pulled back when I needed breaks, and did a dozen other things to put me at ease. With the compassion and care that these two amazing dentists and their teams showed me, I finally overcame my fear of the dentist! I don’t think I’d trust anyone else to drill my teeth without nitrous oxide, but these two dentists have won my trust for life. I’ll be flying cross-country to see them for my 6-month check-up soon; that’s how truly amazing they are!”

– Laura H., Olney, MD

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