Get Ahead On spring Cleaning with these Dental Tips

If the thought of spring cleaning connotes images of cleaning out all of  your cabinets, power washing the exterior of your house, and getting rid of old clothes, then you’re not alone. However, spring cleaning is about more than just getting your house in working order. Spring cleaning can actually be attributed to your dental care as well. Here are three ways that you can get ahead on spring cleaning your mouth this season.

  1. Schedule Your Dentist Appointment

Did you know that you should have your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year? If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in who knows how long, Dr. Janice Scott can get your teeth back to the way they should be in no time. By cleaning your teeth, giving you a dental exam,  and maybe even performing some x-rays on your mouth, Dr. Janice Scott will be able to properly assess the condition of your oral health.

  1. Break Out the Whitening

Nothing is quite as distracting to someone’s physical appearance as a mouth full of yellow teeth. Whether you’ve been drinking too much coffee or black tea, or you’ve simply never whitened your teeth in your life, spring clean your teeth by breaking out the dental whitening. As the first step in whitening your teeth, try getting an over=the-counter box of whitening strips. Designed with a bleaching agent and fluoride, whitening strips are great at removing surface stains from your teeth in a small amount of time. If you don’t get the results you want after trying whitening strips, then you might need a different solution. Dr. Janice Scott can either create whitening trays for you that have a higher concentration of bleach in them or she can even perform laser whitening as well. Depending on the severity of your yellowed teeth and after a consultation with Dr. Janice Scott, you two can determine which whitening solution is ideal for you.

Getting ahead on spring cleaning is a great way to ensure that you are looking your best. By following the above steps, you can get a healthier looking smile in no time. To learn more, contact Dr. Janice Scott’s office today to schedule an appointment.



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