Preventing Cavities and Tarter Build-Up

Helpful hints on preventing cavities and buildup of tarter / calculus on your teeth:

Author:  Janice G. Scott DDS

What you eat not only affects your health of your body but it also affects the health of your teeth and gums.  Do you have a sugared coffee drink in the morning?  Do you eat oatmeal or process cereals?  Do you get your “fruit” in juice form or eat the whole fruit?  All these things have a BIG effect on your teeth!

The more processed a food is, the more quickly that the bacteria (cavity bugs) can break down the food and create an acid environment in your mouth and create more plaque.  More plaque means more calculus or tarter on your teeth which can lead to more scraping at your cleaning.  You also can have more bleeding gums as calculus is porous and the live bacteria sit on the surface irritating the gums causing bleeding gums and possibly bone loss. Also some foods are more acidic than others. Teeth, enamel and the root surfaces, break down much faster in an acid environment causing cavities.

So, make SMART CHOICES each time you choose your food.  It will help your teeth and gums stay healthy and keep your body healthier also.  After having any food that is acidic, drink water or rinse well with water. Spend time on your home care, (brushing and flossing), for a healthier mouth and be sure to have regular dental check-ups! And for KIDS remember to brush 2 Minutes 2X A DAY!

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