Why Teeth Whitening Should Only be Performed at the Dentist

Unqualified Whitening is a Health Hazard Teeth whitening has become increasingly popular in recent years. Bright teeth and a white smile can be achieved for a relatively low cost and simple procedure. However, people are putting their oral health at risk, unknowingly, by having their teeth whitened by unlicensed professionals.

While your esthetician may claim to be qualified in teeth whitening, the procedure is actually banned from being performed outside of a dentist’s office in most states. This is because tooth sensitivity can arise from teeth whitening, a condition which a dentist is better able to treat. Estheticians have not undergone the lengthy dental training involved, and are not aware of the precautionary measures which need to be taken to protect your mouth from harmful chemicals.

The legality of teeth whitening by estheticians in many states is questionable, and brings about questions relating to the validity of their insurance. This could pose a problem for you if you have any problems following a teeth whitening at the estheticians office.

There are several options available for at-home teeth whitening, such as whitening strips. This is something you may be tempted to try due to the low cost involved. At home whitening products, if bought from a reputable retailer, are very safe. However, they contain a much lower concentration of chemicals and will not be able to dramatically change the color of your teeth. You may be able to achieve a gradual whitening of the teeth if you use at home products over a sustained period of time.

Teeth Whitening at the Dentist Gives the Best Results The bleach concentration used by dentists is generally stronger than what you find elsewhere because they are able to safely monitor the procedure. This results in a more noticeable color change and a brighter smile.

The dentist performing your teeth whitening will protect your gums and the rest of your mouth with a gel before applying the bleach mix. Using a reputable dentist such as those at Deer Park Dental will be the safest option for teeth whitening.

Ongoing care provided by dentists will give you the safest and best results for your teeth.

Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening can boost confidence if you are not happy the color of your teeth. It is safe when carried out by a dentist, gives quick results and is relatively cost effective.

One drawback of teeth whitening is that it is not permanent. This can be managed with regular trips to your dentist. You may experience tooth sensitivity from the bleach solution, however this is temporary and subsides once the treatment is complete.

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