The Truth Behind Whitening Strips

Commercials of models donning pearly whites while going about their morning whitening routine can make just about anybody feel motivated to run to the grocery store to buy the whitening strips being advertised. However, will the whitening strips actually make you look like a model and have whiter teeth?

Will They Make My Teeth Whiter?

Depending on the severity of your teeth stains, whitening strips can help to make your teeth whiter. Designed to simply rid your teeth of surface stains do to food and drinks like black tea and coffee, whitening strips can help your teeth have a whiter appearance in a small amount of time. However if your teeth are tinted a grayish hue because of medication like tytracycline, whitening strips will not do the trick, and in fact dental treatments like laser whitening or bleaching also might not be able to give you a whiter smile.

Will it last?

The answer to this question is an unfortunate “probably not.” Because they’re predominatly designed to help diminish any surface stains on your teeth, you will have to keep up with the whitening strips on a monthly or every-other-month basis. However, if your teeth stains aren’t very bad, it might be worth it to you to add whitening strips to your oral routine.

Are they bad for my teeth?

Although they can cause some tooth sensitivity, the amount of peroxide found in whitening strips is minimal enough that it won’t damage your teeth. However, if you are using a higher concentration form of whitening strips ( 24 hour kits) then it’s especially important to follow the instructions and avoid doing them too frequently, because it can cause further tooth sensitivity.

The bottom line? Whitening strips are only good if you have surface stains that aren’t very bad. However, if your teeth need a little more love and affection, it’s time to visit a dental office and ask about professional teeth whitening.

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