How to Treat Receding Gums

A receding hairline and receding gums are two things you don’t want to add to your list of things you have. However, sometimes no matter how hard you try to stop these things from happening, you end up bald and with gingivitis. As one of the most common oral illnesses that patients face, receding gums can be painful and uncomfortable. Luckily, Dr. Janice Scott has years of experience in treating patients who have receding gums. From deep cleaning to gum grafting, this article will discuss a few ways that Dr. Scott treats receding gums. Read on to learn more.

Combat Early Stages With Deep Cleaning

If you are in the early stages of gingivitis and are just starting to exhibit symptoms of gum disease, then Dr. Scott may only recommend a deep cleaning. By removing excess plaque and tartar from your teeth and near your gum line, you can help to protect your teeth from further erosion. Additionally, during a deep cleaning, the gums will also be smoothed out to help encourage the attachment of the gums to the teeth to prevent against further recession. A deep cleaning will also help Dr. Scott to take a closer look at the problem to determine what steps, if any, are necessary to take next.

Gum Grafting

If you are in the later stages of gingivitis, then Dr. Janice Scott may recommend gum grafting. Gum grafting is done to encourage gum tissue to regenerate and cover vulnerable areas of the mouth such as the root. There are different types of gum grafting procedures including Connective Tissue Grafting, Gingival Grafting, and Pedicle Grafting.

  • Connective Tissue Grafting: This procedure involves harvesting tissue from the root of the mouth and then stitching it around the tooth in connection with gum tissue.
  • Gingival Grafting: Similar to Connective Tissue Grafting, this procedure harvests the tissue from the palate.
  • Pedicle Grafting: This type of grafting collects the tissue from the adjacent tooth.

Schedule A Consultation

During your bi-annual cleanings with Dr. Janice Scott, your mouth will be inspected for oral health concerns like receding gums. The sooner this issue is detected, the easier it will be to treat. If you have any symptoms of gum disease and would like to schedule an examination with Dr. Janice Scott, call our office at (209) 478-3036 today!





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