From Washcloth to Toothbrush: How to Clean Your Little One’s Teeth

Parenting can come with a long checklist of things that you should and shouldn’t be doing, and amidst all of the unknown, it can be hard to weed through all the chatter from other parents. When it comes to your child’s dental health, however, we have created a clear-cut guide that will help you know when you start brushing your child’s teeth and how. Read on to learn more.

Introduce Them With a Washcloth

It takes anyone time to get used to anything, especially little ones. And by experiencing everything for the first time, small things like toothbrushing can be a bit frightening. To get your baby used to the idea of having their teeth brushed, we encourage parents to rub their baby’s gums with a warm, damp washcloth even before they get teeth. Although they may not like the idea at first, once they get used to it and you make it a part of their morning and bedtime routine, it won’t be a big deal.

Switch to a Toothbrush

As soon as your baby starts sprouting teeth, you need to get an infant-sized toothbrush. Available at most drugstores or pharmacies, infant sized toothbrushes are small enough to fit into your child’s mouth and have soft bristles that won’t damage their teeth. Up until your baby is over the age of three or you otherwise get the “okay” from their pediatrician, have them brush their teeth without toothpaste. If swallowed, toothpaste can be harmful to their bodies. By brushing their teeth and gums both morning and night with just water and a toothbrush, you can help get rid of harmful bacteria.

Additionally, once your child starts to get a few teeth, you should schedule their first dentist appointment with Dr. Janice Scott. During their appointment, their teeth will be briefly inspected for cavities and their jaw and neck will be felt for any lumps or abnormalities— a whole dental cleaning won’t take place until they are older.

Schedule A Consultation

By knowing these basic things about your child’s dental care and health, you can ensure that they stay healthy. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Janice Scott’s office today!

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