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Case ID: 3459 – View Angle: Left-Front-Oblique

This patient had some older tooth colored fillings that were in need of replacement. He also noticed a chip in his tooth, some worn areas on the edges of his teeth, and some spaces between his teeth. He also noticed a “dark triangle” at the gumline between his teeth and some dark staining between the teeth also. Dr. Von Tersch did tooth colored, composite bonded fillings to fix the damaged teeth, fill in the spaces and create harmony with the patient’s smile.


Case ID: 3450 – View Angle: Front

Patient wanted her lateral incisors to be longer and wanted her central incisors to be symmetrical.


Case ID: 3447 – View Angle: Front


Patient did not like the black triangular space between her two front teeth.


Case ID: 3444 – View Angle: Front

Patient wanted to straighten her rotated central incisors to have her smile flow more naturally.


Case ID: 3438 – View Angle: Front

This is a glass ionomer build up used as a temporary restoration. This can be expected to last 2-5 years and sometimes will last longer in some mouths-depending on diet and hygiene.


Case ID: 3432 – View Angle: Front

Patient was displeased with the appearance of her lower front teeth. Her roots were eroding and darkening. Patient did teeth whitening and in one visit, we crafted composite veneers to correct alignment, repair the erosion, and fill in spaces.


Case ID: 3421 – View Angle: Front

Special glass ionomer/composite resin bonding to repair erosion on the roots. Teeth have been strengthened and are still cleansable.


Case ID: 3415 – View Angle: Front

This patient did not like the “black triangle” spaces between her teeth. We corrected this issue with ourspecial glass ionomer and composite bonding technique.


Case ID: 3406 – View Angle: Front

Description: Caries and chipping on lower anterior teeth.


Case ID: 3397 – View Angle: Front

Description: This patient had dental bonding done to establish the patient’s bite as an interim restoration. Eventually these will have All Porcelain Crowns and a new partial or posterior implants.


Case ID: 3385 – View Angle: Front

This patient had dental bonding 35 years ago where the “resins of the day” had a chemical that made the filling turn dark. Patient also had crowding of her lower front teeth. Dr. Janice Scott, with her advanced techniques and skill in dental bonding, turned these dark unsightly teeth into a beautiful smile.


Case ID: 3368 – View Angle: Front

Description: This patient wanted to close the little space between their front teeth. The small space between the two front teeth looked like a “piece of pepper” stuck between her teeth. Dr. Von Tersch did Composite Bonding to fill the space and the patient was happy.

Recontouring, Bonding

Case ID: 3355 – View Angle: Front

Description: Patient was unhappy with crooked, uneven appearance of teeth. His teeth were jagged, and chipped. He just wanted his smile to be nicer. Dr. von Tersch fixed this patient’s smile without braces by reshaping his teeth and doing composite (tooth-colored bonded) fillings. This case was done about 5 years ago and the patient still looks great and is very pleased with the result.

Bridges and Bonding

Case ID: 3161 – View Angle: Front

Description: The patient was unhappy with missing teeth and spaces. He wanted a smoother flowing smile and desired a very conservative treatment plan. We accomplished this with a porcelain bonded bridge on the upper and a composite bonded bridge on the bottom and cosmetic bonding to even out his smile.