When to Massage Your Gums

When you typically think about the term “massage” things such as a back massage or foot massage likely come to mind. But did you know that massage is actually a technique that can be used to help ease any oral pain that you may be suffering from as well? Whether you are suffering from something like gingivitis, tooth sensitivity, or you simply have something lodged in between your gums, adding massage to the healing process (along with visiting Dr. Janice Scott) will help your gums to heal at a quicker rate than otherwise. Read on to learn more about massage.

How to Massage There are a few different ways that you can massage your gums. The first one involves your finger and the second one involves using a water flosser.

  • Finger Massage: When using your finger to massage your gums, take the pointer finger on your dominant hand and start at the bottom of your gums applying a slight bit of pressure. Then move your finger in a slow and circular motion. You should feel a little bit of tension but not pain. If you are feeling pain, then stop right away.
  • Water Flosser: Water flosser’s aren’t only great tools used to get trapped food out from in between your teeth but they are also good at massaging sore gums as well. When using a water flosser for this purpose, make sure the water is luke warm because it will help to soften up the gum tissue. Then simply turn the water flosser on and move it around your mouth focusing on your gums and making sure the pressure isn’t either too strong or too weak.

Importance of Massage Gently massaging your gums can help to break up any tissue or bacteria that are contributing to any pain that you may be experiencing. As a way to alleviate pain and discomfort throughout your body, oral massage can help give your mouth that same instant relief.

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